Suggestion No. 2

Use words to influence, or persuade, or inform other people.

Practise this today by writing a review of something you’ve seen, heard or read. Try to choose something that others can also experience – if you persuade them to do so!

Reviews normally include a brief description of the book, film (movie), podcast, programme or whatever is your chosen subject. Be careful not to give away any crucial plot twists, though, if that would spoil the experience for the other person!

Put some tempting descriptions into your review, so that people will want to try the programme, book, etc, for themselves – but always be truthful; don’t make things up!

If you know quite a lot about the subject, you might want to comment on technical aspects such as music or lighting in films, character and setting in books or stories, or interpretation in a piece of music. Try not to alienate (put off) people who might not know as much as you do, however.

Give your review an intriguing headline or title, which will make people want to read it! (You can do this either before or after you write the review; sometimes afterwards is easier.)

Don’t write too much. Put it in paragraphs to make it easier for your reader.

Now send or give your review to someone else, and see what they think!

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