Write a story today (Suggestion 26)

As I write this, there is a strong, gusty wind blowing the trees outside rapidly and roughly in a range of directions. I can hear the wind in the chimney. It is a day for staying indoors, and either losing oneself in reading a good story – or writing one!

In Post No. 13 I set out some guidance as to how you might set about writing a story, if you find it tricky. You might want to revisit that now.

Or you might just be inspired by one of the topics below – quotations, situations, descriptions, possible titles … .

Have fun!

“I’ll tell you, shall I, something I remember? Something that means a great deal to me. It was long ago.”

Write a story arising out of one of the following situations:

finding a solemn occasion very amusing

being mistaken for another person

discovering that you have no money, app or card with you when the moment comes to pay for something


Write a story suggested by one of the following statements:

“That’s my last word,” he said.

It seemed a great chance, but I had learned my lesson.

“Absolutely terrified!” was the answer.

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get too involved.

“This is a wild land, country of my choice, with harsh craggy mountains, moor ample and bare.”

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